Board of Directors

Senior Tennis Players Club Board

From our Bylaws: “The control, business and management of the affairs of STPC shall be entrusted to and vested in the Board of Directors….

The Board will elect its officers, who shall also be the officers of the STPC. Operations of the STPC shall be carried out by the officers and individuals or committees as specified in these Bylaws.”

Interested in serving on the Board?

The Directors serve without pay. The reward for service is the satisfaction of knowing you are making a meaningful contribution to the important work of the club. Our members benefit from your work by the mental, physical, and social improvement gained by participation in our club activities.

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Application to serve on the Board of STPC.

Expense Reimbursement Request PDF.

2019-20 Board Members

President: Marilyn Kelley 952-922-3675
Vice-President: Jim Handy 612-743-3314
Secretary and Help Desk: Sheila Bjore 763-310-1234
Treasurer and Webmaster: Steve Bruell 952-807-9941
Drills: Dennis Hykes 952-929-7595
Tom Campbell 763-557-8638
Jon Holmgren 612-702-7509
Brian Kretsch 651-363-2283
Bonnie Niles 952-474-6442
Nancy Tarbox 952-927-9368
Mike Woolsey 952-937-2546
Non-Board Volunteers:
Membership: Sharon Gribble 651-283-1069
Advisor: David Sommer 612-276-1313
Newsletter Editor: Brady Schmidt 612-940-4376
Socials: Pam Campbell 612-655-6569
Google groups: Dick Peik 612-822-0567