Caryl won the 2010 Jack Dow Award. STPC honors our club founder, Jack Dow, each year by presenting a traveling trophy to a member whose attitude, character, sportsmanship, enthusiasm and service best typify the ideals of STPC. The following is drawn from the story about Caryl in the April, 2010 Newsletter. Caryl started tennis after age 40 and immediately loved the game and continues to find it exciting and great fun. Caryl says that in addition to the exercise, the mental game of tennis keeps players sharp and the required concentration is a great way to get away from everyday stress. Caryl served on the Senior Tennis Board and was new members chair for four or five years. She continues as a team captain for a great mixed-doubles group which plays at 98th Street in Bloomington.

The Kalamazoo, Michigan native studied and worked in Paris, France after college. After settling in Minnesota, she had a 34-year career as a French teacher in the Golden Valley and Hopkins High Schools. Retirement brought new interests. She volunteers as a programmer on Bonjour Minnesota every Sunday from 8:30-9:30 PM on radio station KFAI, 90.3 FM in Minneapolis and 106.7 FM in St. Paul. She announces, in French, old and current French popular music which she chooses each week and plays, interviews French speaking celebrities passing through town and announces local events of interest to Francophiles. This avid traveler volunteers weekly at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport at Travelers Assistance. She says it’s the only job that she’s ever had where she can tell people where to go.