Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started Playing with Indoor Groups: September-April (Winter)?

Winter tennis groups have set players who agree to play at their appointed times, because court time costs money for indoor play.

Here's how you can get started playing doubles tennis with a group:

  1. "Regulars" in group play agree to play every week or on a regular basis. "Substitutes" get called when a regular can't make it to a scheduled group play session. Subs may say yes or no to each request, depending on their availability.
  2. As a Regular or a Sub, you will need to locate groups playing near you at your skill level and at a convenient time.
    See the Winter Group Play Schedule
  3. After finding a group you are interested in joining, contact the captain of that group (contact information is in the above pdf). If you want to be a regular, ask if spots are available for that group.  Don't be discouraged if no regular spots are open. As a sub, you will likely get called often and can move into a regular spot when one opens up and you can sub for multiple groups.
  4. Be sure to show up. Once you've got your tennis group play date set, make sure you come. The whole group is counting on you!

How Do I Get Started Playing With Outdoor Groups: May-August (Summer)?

Want to get started playing doubles tennis with a group in the summer season?

Here's what you do:

  1. Locate groups that meet at a convenient time, location, and at your skill level. See the Summer Group Play Schedule
  2. Most groups are "drop in" so you can just show up. Feel free to contact the group play captain (contact information is in the above pdf) to check whether a group play session has been cancelled.

How much does tennis group play cost?

The cost to play tennis as a regular group player varies from location to location. It is typically $13-18 for 2 hours of indoor play and during the summer outdoor play is usually free. If you have questions about court costs, ask the captain for that group play session.

As a sub, expect to pay the tennis court costs when you substitute for another player.

What are 'Regular' and 'Substitute' tennis players?

A "regular" tennis player makes a commitment to play every week at a particular place and time. The other players who signed up at that location depend on you to show up, so there are the correct number of people to play doubles on all courts. If you don't show up and don't find a substitute to take your place, the group must play three on a court or singles-and that isn't nearly as much fun as playing doubles.

If you want to play, but don't want to make a commitment, you may choose to be a substitute player. "Subs" play when regulars can't show up, for instance, when they are on vacation or sick. As a sub, you can decide when the request comes in whether or not you want to play that day. Once you commit to a group play date, you are committed to show up.

As a sub, you'll get to play more often if you are on several sub lists, so sign up for as many as you want!

I still have questions - who should I talk to?

If you still have questions about group play, contact the group captain for starting dates, fees, rotation of playing, and anything else about playing at that captain's location. Please note that different captains run their sessions differently.

To contact a captain, check out the current group play schedule:
Winter Group Play Schedule
Summer Group Play Schedule

If you like, you can contact STPC directly with your questions. Contact Us for help.

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